About Us

We are Bri + Tara.

Owners of Magnolia Supply | Photo: Jenna Alexander
photo by Jenna Alexander

The journey has been long, and filled with an array of highs (husbands, babies, the invention of Instagram), and lows (crappy jobs, crappier apartments, drunken karaoke), yet here they are: Two breasties (best friends with breasts, duh) with a shared dream and too much personality for normal jobs.

Since graduating from Flagler College in sleepy seaside St. Augustine, Florida, they’ve been toiling away at creative gigs, honing their skills and cultivating their personal style. Tara parlayed her art training into styling photo shoots and designing and creating clothing and jewelry, while Bri became a hairstylist and wound up managing a beautiful little salon and store for her friend Jenna. And while they were happy, they longed for something more. A place of their own. A place where an obsession with all things vintage could marry effortlessly with a beachy, bohemian sensibility. A place where Bri and Tara could create, style and curate to their hearts’ content. A place where they could share their passions with the community, and eventually, the world.

This is Magnolia Supply, a women's apparel and lifestyle boutique.

We invite you to explore our collections of clothing, accessories and shoes,each lovingly handpicked with the Magnolia girl in mind. She’s a free spirit, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She practices yoga, but she’s not above a good junk food binge. She’s proud of her figure, but she prefers flowy, bohemian silhouettes (with lots of leg, of course). She revels in the worn leather of a pair of favorite boots, the softness of a perfectly broken-in pair of jeans or cutoffs, and she likes to drape herself in jewelry when the mood strikes. She is casual, but never sloppy. She is a mother, or a college student, or really any woman who is free and young in her heart. To these women, Magnolia Supply opens its doors and asks you to share in its obsessions, because this place is just as much for you as it is for Tara and Bri…