Hair: Beachy or Homeless?

Guest Blogger! Brooke Rains Emly Holt III

Hey Magnolia Babes! I am here with some tips on how to get and keep beachy waves. Before we get intimate, you should know that I am lazy and very unskilled with hair. So if I can do this, you can probably do it better. You should also know that I make this hairstyle last 5-7 days and I do not wash or brush it. If brushing your hair is something you enjoy doing, STOP READING. DO NOT APPROACH ME ON THE STREET.

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There are really great video tutorials online with hot chicks that show you how to get beach waves with either a wand or a curling iron. This is how I learned. And since I am lazy, I am sharing them with you instead of making my own.


Ok, that was great, we’re done. Just kidding. Now I am going to teach you how to keep those waves for days, nay years – no seriously, just days. The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can achieve it a number of ways, like the videos show. I use a tapered wand similar to this, Kenra Dry Texture Spray and Sebastian Shaper Hairspray. But apparently almost any wand and hair product combo can get you to that great beach heaven in the sky.

I do my hair the night before, once it is washed and dried. I don’t have it together in the mornings. But guess what? The hair looks even better after you’ve slept on it, so it’s perfect for night owls.

Since I am lazy, I do not section off my hair and I don’t worry about getting all of it. I want it to look messy and unintentional. I start with the back, grab a piece, and start going.

I curl away from my face and mix up bigger sections with smaller sections. I have my wand on 400 – I have straight, coarse hair.

It takes about 15 minutes for me to get it all and it looks like this (not the sexiest thing ever but this isn’t my sex post – that’s coming later). 

I start taking my fingers to separate the curls and brush it out and I spray the texture spray in it.  After I feel like 20% of the can is gone, I do the same thing with hairspray. 

Then I have a big poofy, sprayed mess. 

I also have a fog so I try not to do this around pets or kids.

Then I go to bed.     

Then I wake up, frazzled and alarmed that morning is back. Right before I run out the door, I use my hands to reshape my hair and then I spray MORE HAIRSPRAY. Did I just use an indecent amount right before bed? Yes. And now, more.

Now here is the key to making this hairstyle last 5-7 days: repeat that same routine every morning. Do not brush, do not comb, do not wash (the hair, please do wash your bits). Wake up in the morning, put some more hairspray on and use your hands to spruce it up. Each day it gets looser and looser. By day 5 you’ll be looking like this.

Are you a daily hairwasher? Then go ahead and wash all of this wonder away. If you are on an every other day routine, you can train your hair to go 5-7 days. Start by adding one extra day. At first it will be a little greasy, but no big deal. Your hair makes the oil you tell it to make. Then after maybe a few weeks, add another day in. Wait a few weeks, add a third day. Eventually, you will be able to go 5 days. There are probably YouTube videos about this too but duh, I am too lazy to look them up.

I workout. I sweat. I take my hair to places with cigarette smoke. I live in FL. It’s fine. The hairspray masks everything.

My last tip is to talk to your hairstylist if you want to wear this regularly. I showed my stylist photos of what I wanted and she thinned my hair and cut some layers so it would have more dimension. If your hairstylist laughs at your Pinterest photos and spits on your iPhone, then you should just go see my lady in Orlando.

Stand by for my next post about making mascara last two weeks. JK.