Vegas Magic 2015

The Magic tradeshow is the world's largest fashion marketplace, comprised of eleven unique communities showcasing the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing.  The show is hosted in Vegas, which Bri has nicknamed, "Satan's Hot Breath."  Even though our primary purpose was to order items for Spring 2016, we managed to squeeze in some fun activities.  And by activities, I mean food.  Our favorite was Thai food at Lotus of Siam.  Apparently celebrities like Pharrell come here all the time...so obviously it's good.

Another favorite was Park on Freemont, with dishes like Garbage Can Fries and bottomless mimosas; breakfast of champions.

Hash House-A-Go-Go was my personal favorite.  I ordered this crazy mountain of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy that was featured on Man V.S. Food.  Bri got Snickers pancakes bigger than her head.

Did someone say pork buns?  China Poblano was in the chic Cosmopolitan Hotel.  The lobby bar, Bond, had dancers in cages and excellent people-watching!

I made Bri awkwardly hug me in the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo Hotel.  She loves when I do that. She's wearing the Tularosa 'Clayton' dress and I'm wearing a sequin romper by Wyldr (coming soon this fall!).

We picked up a few new brands for the store like these awesome Lack of Color hats.


New shoes and dresses coming too! Spring 2016 is lookin real good.

Yelp also led us to Frankie's Tiki Bar which is a local favorite and often visited by celebrities.  I highly recommend the Bearded Clam. (That's what he said)

Although Vegas was a million degrees, permeated by cigarette smoke and obscenely expensive, we managed to enjoy ourselves a little bit.  Here's a little video I made to document our fun.  Oscar-worthy I think...