Stranger Fashion

Set in the nostalgic Eighties, Stranger Things is a fashion lover's dream.  We all have our favorite characters (mine are Barb and Dustin), so let's discuss how to get their look. 

Winona Ryder is back and better than ever!  She's a true badass in her army jacket and shaggy mullet.  Bri is rocking our vintage army jacket and her own version of Joyce's shag.

What Karen Wheeler lacks in parenting skills, she makes up for with her feathered Farrah hair and soothing casseroles.  I'm wearing a blouse from our vintage rack with my golden feathered hair.


Despite everyone's negative comments about my Barb glasses which I scored from the Walmart Eye Center for $9, I still rock them.   Turns out they haven't updated their frame styles since the 70s.  Yasss!

Speaking of Barb, can we talk about the blouses that she and Nancy wore?  High, frilly collars, sweet bowties, super duper high waisted "Mom" jeans...I love it all.  Nancy had no less than 5 layers on at all times.  Don't want anyone getting the wrong idea!

Pull off a similar retro look with a tie neck blouse like this Free People one.

Dustin is my hero.  We need more of him and his toothless smile.  I adore his vintage trucker hat and oversized jacket. 

Get the look with one of our St. Augustine trucker hats (designed by us, duh) and this vintage style Mink Pink "Peachy" tee.

Whoever styled Stranger Things is clearly winning at life.  Viva la 80s!