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Sweet Potato Toast

Guest blogger, Terra Yarbrough here!  I'm a health coach, nursing student, lover of bacon, and part time Magnolia Supply employee! I want to introduce my new favorite bread/cracker substitute: The newest trend hitting the food scene, sweet potato "toast". 


So, what exactly is sweet potato "toast"?  Really, it's just slices of sweet potato cooked in the toaster. It's not crunchy and flaky like toast, but it offers its own unique deliciousness.


Cut the sweet potato long-ways and use for egg, avocado, or tuna sandwiches. Serve open face or with a top. Don’t be afraid to use condiments like a dab of mayo or sriracha on your sweet potato sandwich.


Or cut into medallions and top with cream cheese and herbs, cream cheese and lox, or a simple nut butter.



Slices: cut long strips a 1/4 inch thick and toast in toaster on high for two toasting cycles. Or until it becomes soft and flimsy and you see the fibers in the sweet potato.  This will usually take two toast cycles in a toaster, 10 minutes in toaster oven and 10 min on broil in the oven (place on broiler pan, not glass), depending on how hot your toaster oven gets.  You might have to play with the timing a little. The sweet potato should be soft all the way through.

Medallions: cut into 1/4 in medallions and cook in toaster oven for two-three minutes. DO NOT cook medallions in the toaster it will be a hot mess to get out, use a toaster oven or broil in the oven on a broiler pan for 10 minutes. Top with cream cheese or nut butter.

Tip: Cut and cook a bunch of strips or medallions in advance for grab and go meals. Using a toaster oven or oven will allow you to cook more at once.
Be creative with toppings and fillings!!

Enjoy your new favorite snack!

xoxo Terra

  • Terra Yarbrough

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