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  • Bri West

Bad Moms On The Loose

Ever since Tara and I saw the trailer for Bad Moms several months ago, we KNEW we'd have to get our ladies together for a boozy movie night.  And what better to wear than inappropriate Bandit Brand tees to represent as officially bad moms??

Yep, that's right: Eat Shit and Die.  Just keeping it classy over here...Luckily we didn't run into any PTO moms at the movie theater.

Obvi we had to eat a bunch of apps and drink copious amounts of wine before the flick.

After all that boozing we showed up late and had to sit in the front row.  Needless to say these moms all had neck aches the next day...

The movie was absolutely hilarious and reflected the debauchery and revenge that we all wish our lives consisted of.  Kathryn Hahn as the raunchy Carla was my personal fave.

One amazing scene featured a montage of the three misfit moms drunkenly rampaging through a grocery store--talk about wish-fulfillment! 

All in all it was a fantastic ladies night.  Get out there all you bad muthas and see it!




  • Bri West

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