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Holiday Fat Blaster!

Our beloved(ly abused) intern Olivia is like, super fit.  Unlike us, who lift our wine glasses to our lips for a workout, she's actually a certified personal trainer.  So we told her to whip up a sick workout for us to (not) do to offset the holiday binging over the next few weeks...


Hello, holiday season! I know the last thing on everyone’s mind is to workout. Lucky for you, I decided to show you guys a mini workout that can help you stay fit through the holiday season. Warning: please disregard my face. I really have no idea how people look good while they workout.

Ideally, you want to do this circuit 3-4 times and do 12-15 reps per exercise. Push yourself, but not too hard, and allow minimal breaks for optimal results!

  1. Incline push-ups: if you’re at the gym, use a 16’ box, or if you’re at home, grab a low stool or you can use the stairs. Use whatever hand position is most comfortable for you – I personally like a wide arm position with my hands on the edges of the box (featured in pics). Focus on keeping your elbows close to your body and really emphasize the lowering part of the push-up.


  1. Bodyweight squats! Building yourself a better booty (everyone’s fav goal) and also getting a great compound workout in. Start in a power stance- knees slightly bent, abs in, shoulders back. Don't let your knees go passed your toes, you'll create too much strain on the knee joints. When you come up, really squeeze the glutes! Stick with a normal squat, but if you really want to get a little extra cardio, try some squat jumps. Just remember to maintain correct form during your squat jumps.


  1. Bicep curl: did someone ask for tickets to the gun show??? Bicep curls aren’t tricky, just remember to keep your elbows by your sides and don’t hinge your upper body. Keep it tight and really focus on your biceps. Use control, NOT momentum, and really focus on the lowering. Embrace the burn, my dears!


  1. Plank: Okay, this may not be your favorite exercise (it sure isn’t my fav), but it’s still a great one, if you do it right. Roll your shoulders back, flex your calves, quads, and abs! If you basically flex everything, you shouldn’t be able to hold it for more than 10-15 seconds at a time. Which is completely fine! Just do three-five reps of this (for real, don’t do 12-15).


  1. Box jumps: Do you ever walk into the gym and see someone jumping onto a box that’s about as tall as you are??? DO NOT TRY IT UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. Start off with a small box, or maybe a step from the step class or body pump class that just ended. Start with soft knees in a power stance, and gain the momentum to jump onto the box. When you get onto the top, stand up to get the full motion. Step, or jump down and keep going to get that heart rate up!


  1. Upright row: work dem shoulders. The one thing you need to think of while you’re doing this, is elbows to the sky. Stand in a power stance, shoulders back, knees soft, abs in, and use a kettle bell, dumbbell, plate, whatever you prefer for this. You’ll really get the most out of it if you keep your elbows up, so don’t let them fall!


Featuring Magnolia Supply's Feelin' Myself tank (personal fav).

I hope you all enjoy (LOL) this workout through the holidays, and treat yo self to some treats. After all, you deserve it!

Happy holidaze!


  • beautydiyworkout

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