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Yesterday Tara and I had the pleasure of hawking our wares (not really--we weren't actually allowed to sell anything, just sit there and fry like bacon in the sun) at the Flagler College Community Expo, where local businesses can reach out to students on the first day of classes. While we definitely WERE NOT catcalling strapping young college men, we were checking out the adorable first day of school ensembles of these lovely college ladies. Here are some of our faves!

The three beauties above were on point with fashion AND function by pairing cute blouses and tanks with cutoffs and sandals.  Jeans and 90 degree temps are a recipe for disaster (aka, swamp ass)...

This babe (whom we've nicknamed 'Flagler College Taylor Swift') was looking like a Seventies dream in her maxi skirt and peasant blouse, but it was her flawless hair and makeup that really caught our eye--yassss girl!!!

Anyone who knows us is aware that we would wear tall gladiators every single day if we could, so of course we had to snap these rad GOLD glads!  Paired with a croppy blouse and half top-knot, this chick is totally slaying the first day of school.

We actually know this babe, Iman, who works at our fave coffee/lunch spot (shout out to Juniper Market, what what!), but favoritism was playing no part in our photographing her since she is WERKING her American Apparel bodysuit and high-waisted denim maxi like a champ!  She looks like a modern-day Carly Simon and we are feeling it...

We wanted to put this pint-size beauty in our pocket--top-knot, flats, and the half-tucked flannel??  Yes please!

This chick was not down for posing since she was late for class, but we bullied her into it since her outfit was so damn cute and original.  The corduroy shorts and adorable flats in marsala, Pantone Color of the Year 2015, made us want to run home and splash red wine on all our clothes (oh wait, we already do that on the daily...)

And there you have it friends, just two old moms in their thirties judging the outfits of 20-year-olds.  Thanks Flagler College!




  • Bri West

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