• To Bang Or Not To Bang

To Bang Or Not To Bang

You have a love/hate relationship with your bangs.  We've all been there.  I cut mine a few months ago and the heat is killing me.  It's a tiny blanket for my forehead. 

Sometimes bangs can take 10 years off your life, however.  So it's nice to go back and forth... to play for both teams, so to speak. Hehe.

Even Beyonce has to deal with this awkward stage.  And we all know she's a greek goddess.


So here are so ideas I put together to make your bangs disappear for a while.

The deep side part.  I blow dried my bangs to the side and took the long hair from the side to tuck them under.  Hairspray all the little babies under your comb over and you're a magician.

The tiny side braid.  Carey Mulligan knows that this growing out stage can take years so a tiny braid with a clear elastic will help.

The headwrap or headband.  This rad head wrap is made of vintage fabric (wire inside) and is available at Magnolia Supply!  Tuck the bangs to the side and win win. Outfit available at Magnolia Supply too!

The center slight part.  Alexa Chung can do no wrong, first of all.  Her bangs are practically famous.

And finally, wear a hat.  They're great for hiding oily hair, grey hair and bangs.  This sweet hat is made by Conner Hats and available at Magnolia Supply. Sunglasses by Quay Australia.

Zooey Deschanel with or without bangs? In her case, I say KEEP THEM! Instant facelift for her.

Good luck!  This won't be the last time you fall for the "should I cut my bangs?" trick.

xoxo Tara



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