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Antique Road Trip

This weekend, Bri and I took a road trip to the semi-annual Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in Mount Dora, Florida.  It was overwhelming, awesome and exhausting, and now we're really tired.

We were on a mission to get  displays for the store, which opens early April.  Renninger's has mostly dealers from up North that come down every January and November to sell their unique junk.  We had a long list of  items we needed so we had to rent a huge Uhaul which obviously I had to drive since I'm the butch one.  When we got to the show, we immediately needed refreshments (mini donuts and wine) to get in the buying mood.


We were easily lured from our list with all the vintage clothes, purses and shoes.


We did quite a bit of arguing discussing what was "cool" and "hideous".  #OldMarriedCouple


Our junk loving friend, Shana, from Junk To Funk, was there to help us haggle for the best price.



A glass jewelry case was most important on our list and we found this amazing octagon HUGE case.  The base was ugly so we've got some creative plans for this beast. PS- the antique weapons were NOT included apparently.



Here's a tiny sampling of the weird shit that was there...




Then it was time for us to actually load up the heavy stuff and drive the 14 foot Uhaul through these tiny aisles.  Yikes!  I shouldn't have had all those wines.  Bri was on air traffic control steering me through the madness.


Since we looked like a posh lesbian couple shopping for our seaside mansion (obvi), the booth owners loaded up all of our huge furniture for us.  Then I drove 50 MPH home for 3 hours.  But we did get this #SnakeSelfie out of the ride home in our Uhaul.


I can't wait for you guys to see all the cool stuff we bought!  Only two more months!



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