• Big Brows, Matte Lips, and Side Parts
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Big Brows, Matte Lips, and Side Parts

Today's topic is what's hot in beauty for 2015.  Take notes!  Let's start with deep side parts.  Amber Heard: It's sexy and messy in an "I woke up like this" style.   A little paste, a little sea salt spray and bam!

Of course, Lana Del Rey can do no wrong.  Her side part with soft waves is on point.  Her whole damn look is on point actually.

This is NOT on point...middle part with curling iron ombre.  Kardashian Fail.

Next up is thick eyebrows.  This is the most important lesson you'll learn in your life today.  Thin is bad, thick is good.  I really love the Benefit Browzings kit that is for sale at Ulta or Sephora for $32. First wax, then powder.  Like Queen Bey...

NOT like this...

See what a difference great brows can make?!  Your face is so lonely without them.

Cara Delevingne knows what's up.  She nails the deep side part AND the fantastic brows.

Last tip is matte lipstick.  Throw out your gloss, ladies (and drag queens).  Here are our favorite moisturizing shades:

Julie Hewett "Belle Noir" for sale at Philosophie Salon in St. Augustine.

"Sciap" by Nars is fushia pink with blue undertones.

And last but not least is "Ruby Woo" by Mac.  It's their best-selling, high impact color and retails for $16.

Your homework is to try all the looks at one time this week.  Embrace the new 2015 you!

xoxo Tara

  • hairmakeupSt. Augustine

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