• Atlanta Buying Trip

Atlanta Buying Trip

This weekend we went to Atlanta Market on a buying trip for the store.  We had appointments set up with our vendors, who happened to serve us wine at 10am (we bring the party, obviously).

We dug up belts off a pile on the floor...

...and drooled over handmade jewelry.

Our next stop after the first day of appointments were the vintage shops in Atlanta.  Here are some of the interesting finds in one shop...


We had dinner at a super cool restaurant called South City Kitchen where we ordered fancy buttermilk fried chicken and she-crab soup.  Then we accidentally took an Uber to the W bar, which was a totally walkable one block from the restaurant--whoopsie!  After many, many drinks and interesting conversations to with other professionals in town for the fashion mart, we headed back to our shitty Holiday Inn.  We have W taste and a Holiday Inn budget.

The hangover we were nursing on Saturday didn't stop us from  killing it at our appointments.  #GirlBoss

Trunk LTD rocker tees will be featured at our store this Spring.  This destroyed David Bowie number is a must-have, obvi...

For dinner, we ate at a fancy restaruant in Buckhead called St. Cecilia.  Tiny portions? No problem!  We ordered a  pizza to the hotel at midnight.

After finishing up our spring and summer orders, we're so so so excited to show you guys this stuff!





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