Meet Artist, Marina Rossi

To be honest, it’s unclear to me when I first met artist, Marina Rossi. However, somewhere along that nebulous interim called freshman year, I do recall catching a glance from the brown-eyed girl across the bar, (the name of which would be too embarrassing to reveal) and having the sudden realization that she was the new roommate of my old roommate.

In the interest of sensitivity, I will simply disclose that the old roommate and I left on sort-of (ahem) uncertain terms. Suffice it to say, I grew quickly tired of another person vacuuming under me while I ate. 

 However, now that I was liquored-up and in the midst of the new roommate, I was disposed to follow up on the status of her current living arrangement, and judging by the glimmer of familiarity in her eyes, it seemed she was too.

It’s now 4-ish years later since our first interaction, when we drunkenly commiserated over the challenges of living with the old roommate. Since then, I’d like to think that we have each made some strides in both the rooming department, as well as the life department, in general. As to the latter, Marina has been especially active. One finger-scroll down her Instagram profile (@marinarossiart) will confirm this for you. Most recently, I caught up with the Charleston native to discuss her work as she nears graduation day. Here’s what she had to say: 

First of all: Hi! How’s it hanging, boo?

All is well friend.

Glad to hear it. Can we talk about your art for a little while? What’s been catching  your eye lately?

I’ve been really drawn to these line-drawings lately where people cover walls, like entire rooms, in these patterns of repeated lines. It’s kinda psychedelic-looking but at the same time, similar to the natural lines of nature, as in tree rings or fingerprints. They even kind of look like the layers of an onion and that idea of humans as layered is definitely something that shows up in my work.  

What are your favorite pieces right now?

It’s untitled but the piece is basically a paper sculpture I dyed and then sculpted with an X-Acto knife. Also lots of lines involved in this one.

Can you describe your creative process a bit?

It’s very spontaneous. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it. I enjoy creating spontaneously, as in stream of consciousness. The visual inspiration always comes first and the concept somehow follows naturally.

In terms of a routine, I create in a lot of different spaces but I’m pretty much always at the art building. I usually put on some sort of deep house track. Zero interruption always makes for a productive session as well.

On your best, most productive day, are there certain factors that you find contribute to that mental groove?

It helps to start off in a good mood of course, but for me, everything is really just coincidental. When something really clicks it’s random; totally unanticipated. 

How has your art evolved over the last four years since moving to Florida?

Well in retrospect, I don’t think I even had an artistic style when I first came here. I didn’t know anything about art; I had never taken an art class. At first, I was super into learning the skills and processes but over time I just kinda chucked the whole rule book. Compositionally, it was important for me to learn the basics but once I did I was just so ready to make my own art. In terms of style: I have a lot of natural elements, there’s usually a pop of color, and it’s very dense. I think people recognize that my art is responsive; that it’s thoughtful and naturally-occurring.  Again, that stream of consciousness concept.

With all the upcoming “Pomp and Circumstance”, do you have any ideas about the direction you’re headed, artistically?

I want to start doing murals and larger-scale installations. Basically just doing whatever moves me without having to think about what it means-I think that’s a bunch of crap. I want to be able to express myself without having to answer the question you’re constantly required to answer in art school, which is some form or another of ‘what is your art challenging?’ or ‘what is this in response to?’ I just need a break from that. It’s all so restrictive.

What artists have been inspiring you lately?

Russell Maycumber is a really great woodworking artist. I like that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Shepard Fairey has been an inspiration for screen-printing.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received so far in terms of artistic success?

We had a critique with this really cool visiting artist, Olivia Block, and I had the opportunity to describe my concerns about the content of my work. After I finished, she just goes: “My answer to that is EHHNT.” (Like a wrong answer sound).

Good fashion sense is something you’ve clearly got going for you as well. Do you perceive any sort of relationship between your art and your style choices?

Not directly. I do find a lot of paint on my clothes though.

Speaking of personal style, can you touch on that for us?

I’d say it’s on the neutral side but it’ll also get weird sometimes. Y’know, see what I can pull off. I’m definitely aware of trends but I don’t necessarily follow them. If I feel too on-trend I take it off, right then and there.

*looks down at outfit*

This is not a very styled-up night.

As to your shopping cart… whatchya got in there, kid?

I’m loving delicate tops that tie in the front and shaped hoop earrings!

You can stay up to date on Marina's work and all her upcoming showings via her art Instagram (@marinarossiart) or in person at the Crisp-Ellert Museum and at The Gallery Group.


A Sparkling New Year's Eve

We're all glad to see 2016 go, so why not ring in 2017 with a fun party dress?  New Year's Eve is for dancing, friends, champagne toasts, sequins, lace, velvet--I could go on for days.  Here are our picks for the being the best dressed at the party!

Current obsession: VELVET!  Bri's crushed velvet "Loretta" romper by Astr and Page heel by Sol Sana can pair nicely with a vintage denim jacket for a cool night.  My fit and flare style velvet "Faye" dress by Astr goes perfectly with a layered tee and the Free People "Revolver" clog.

Our newest designer in the shop, Ali and Jay, doesn't disappoint with a sheer, black cape in the Nava dress.

If a jumpsuit is more your style (and why wouldn't it be?!) then you'll love the metallic Bridgette jumper from JOA.

This black lace romper by JOA has a great balance of feminine and edgy. 

Wear it with this amazing suede "Porter heel" by Sol Sana!

Cheers to 2017 and great style!




Second Annual Lazy Man's Holiday Shopping Event!

It's that time again...The time when a man breaks out in a cold sweat, panicking over what to buy that special lady in his life--whether it be his wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, etc.--for the holidays.  Well boys (and ladies, cuz duh, you're benefiting), we've got you covered.  Join us for the Second Annual Lazy Man's Holiday Gift Bonanza, where we coddle you like the helpless puppies you are and help you shop for your woman.  Here's some dapper dudes chillin' at last year's event--don't they look relaxed??

Here's what you need to know:  We'll have beer (free).  We'll have Mojo's BBQ (free).  We'll be offering KILLER deals, including $100 gift cards for only $80, 15% off EVERYTHING in the store, and we'll even wrap it all up for you.  I know, right?!  And we've even been collecting wish lists for our lady shoppers, taking the guesswork out completely.  

Image via www.localeats.com

And to top it all off, local jewelry designer Sailor's Omen will be posted up with tons of amazing, reasonably-priced baubles for your babe...

Image via Sailor's Omen

So pop in after work on Thursday December 15th, knock back a brew and some bbq, and get your shopping done without breaking a sweat (well, maybe the meatsweats).  



Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year!  You'll be wearing black everyday, eating cookies for lunch, and trying to fit 17 events into each weekend in December.  We're going to make your lives easier by giving you tips on the best gifts to buy for everyone on your list!

For the beauty lover:

All Natural Beauty $19.99

Herbivore Botanicals, Coconut Milk Bath Soak $32

For the modern jewelry lover:

The 2 Bandits silver cuff $72

Made in St. Augustine, Sailor's Omen quartz choker $42

For the boho gal:


 Free People slip dress $88

For the St. Augustine lover:

Designed by us and printed in St. Augustine!  Retro ringer $32

For the OCD, neat freak:


Made in St. Augustine, Don't F Up The Table coasters $20

For the smoker (everyone has one in their family):

 High Times Cannabis Cookbook $18.95

And lastly, for YOU!  Everyone loves a fun, fancy party dress for that holiday party or New Years Eve event!

 Lace "Vivian" dress by Astr the Label $110

Magma dress by Mink Pink $92

Shop small!  Shop local! 





Vintage Band Tee Pop-Up!

November Uptown Saturday Night/Small Business Saturday is fast-approaching, and Tara and I wracked our brains to come up with something extra special for y'all.  It just so happens that a friend of ours has been searching for the right venue to showcase his huge collection of vintage band tees, amassed over years as a tour manager.  Below is just a sampling of this pop-up awesomeness, modeled by our cutie-pie intern Dejah.  All photos courtesy of our other cutie-pie intern Hannah...

Join us Saturday, November 26th, 5-9pm, to see the rest and throw back a cocktail or two with your favorite shop girls...



Eat/Drink St. Augustine on a Budget

So while it may appear that we are high-rollers flush with cash (not), the reality is that us Magnolia Gals actually have champagne taste on a beer budget.  We're foodies and beer/wine/cocktail snobs, but since retail isn't exactly the most lucrative vocation, we have to get creative.  And lucky enough for you, we decided to share our secret (and not so secret) spots for great food and drink on a budge in our adorable little home city, St. Augustine, Florida.  Enjoy!


Odd Birds

Via Sean Kelly Conway Photography

With a focus on the artistry of craft cocktails and regional spirits, Odd Birds (owned by Cesar Diaz, formerly of the Ice Plant Bar) has quickly become a favorite amongst locals, as well as visitors seeking a more authentic experience.  While the quality of the product and skill of the bartenders means higher prices, we highly recommend you hit up their happy hour for $5 select cocktails and drink in the intimacy of the bar and patio.  Enjoy live music most nights and delicious $2 arepas on Tuesdays.

$2 Arepas on Tuesdays, 5pm-2am // Happy Hour 5-7 Selected Cocktails $5

The Ice Plant

Image via The Ice Plant

“Inspired by the historical period of the early 20th century, the Ice Plant Bar is focused on the art and craft of mixing exceptional local ingredients in precise measurements to create perfect and unique flavor profiles.  Fresh, house-pressed juices and a wide assortment of bitters and specially developed syrups, result in stunning cocktails. Attention is paid to the smallest of details with three different kinds of ice, including a nod to the building’s original use as an Ice Plant.”  With stunning ambiance and impeccable food and drink, get your fancy on at this St. Augustine institution…

Happy Hour 3-6/10-2 $6 Selected Cocktails // Down and Out Tuesdays, $4 Cocktails, $2 Fernet 10pm-Close // Share the Smoked Fish Dip, $11, a huge portion with house-made chips and pickled veggies or the delightful Pretzel Bread, $7.


Image via Hoptinger

With two locations in the North Florida area, Hoptinger is a modern “Baverican” bier garden with more than 60 taps devoted to carefully selected craft beer along with a full liquor bar and Bavarian-inspired gastro-pub fare.  A spacious patio with tons of seating make it a great happy hour hangout.

Happy hour every weekday, featuring: $3 Selected Drafts//$3 House Wines//$5 Specialty Cocktails//$10 Beer Flights//$3 Bar Snacks

Mojo’s Old City BBQ

Native to North Florida, Mojo’s offers up delicious barbecue, as well as beer, wine and a full liquor bar (try the Drunken Cucumber or the Low Country Sangria). Two patios and an enormous dining room and bar provide plenty of space to gather with friends for happy hour, and the laid-back atmosphere is even kid-friendly!

Happy Hour Sun-Thu 4-7: $6 Well Liquors//$3 Select Beers//$3 Whiskey Shot


The Floridian

Image via The Floridian

Our favorite restaurant in town, The Floridian offers cuisine “regionally-inspired and fresh from the source—a synthesis of Down-home Southern Comfort Foods, and lighter, healthier, vibrant and creative dishes--with many vegetarian options.”

Share an order of Company’s Coming, $10, house-pickled veggies with fried green tomatoes served with pimento cheese, buttermilk herb and toasted bread or the daily offering of Chips and Dips for $8.50.

Gypsy Cab Company

Image via Gypsy Cab Company

One of St. Augustine’s enduring favorites, Gypsy Cab Company’s daily menu “is prepared by a creative and innovative culinary team and ‘borrows’ from  Italian, German, Cajun, Mediterranean, classical European, Southern, Oriental, and ‘Floribbean’  cuisines.”

Twilight Dinners, 4-7pm: $12 Select Entrees like the famed Gypsy Kitchen or Tofu Fra Diablo.


Image via Crave

One of our go-to lunch spots for healthy and delicious salads, wraps, smoothies and bowls, Crave started as a food truck and has expanded to a second brick-and-mortar location on the Beachside due to a cult-like following.  Service is ALWAYS top-notch, the food is amazing, and it won’t break the bank…

Build your own MASSIVE wrap or salad or enjoy one of their amazing specials, like a Happy Hummus Wrap or Fall Harvest Salad for $9.25 that will literally last you 2-3 meals.

The Blue Hen Cafe

If brunch or breakfast is your jam, look no further than the Blue Hen Cafe, nestled in a beautiful little white building in Historic Lincolnville.  The decor is midcentury-meets flea market kitch, and the food is down-home GOOD.  Seriously, the bacon is the best we’ve ever had…

Order the Southern Omelette with andouille, swiss and collard greens plus sweet potato home fries and biscuit with peach butter for $9, or their famous Breakfast Burrito for just $5.  Add a PINT glass mimosa for just $5!

Fall 2016 Look Book

It's fall y'all and that means a new look book!  These dreamy images were captured by the amazingly talented Kelly Martucci, and our fresh-faced model was Laura Mae Louden.  MUA Jennifer Minchella of The Rosy Cheek (visit her shop which is just a block from us!) slayed makeup and Bri was on hair duty, which wasn't too difficult since Laura has AMAZING hair already...  We chose the Fountain of Youth as our location due to the beautiful, historic greenery there.  Our trusty assistant Olive Harrison was there to offer her stylist two cents and newbie intern Hannah Lewis (@zeprosephoto) captured some rad behind the scenes shots. 

Check out our fun, fall layers and new goodies online!  Enjoy this sneak peek and view the full look book here!


Jacket: Glamorous // Skirt: Free People // Top: Free People

Dress: Free People // Necklace: Sailors Omen // Tall Socks: Free People // Clogs: Free People

Dress: Spell Designs // Hat: Conner Hats // Clogs: Free People // Chokers and Bracelets: 2 Bandits

Jacket: Vintage Army // Dress: Free People // Necklace: Sailors Omen

Behind the scenes! By Hannah Lewis (@zeprosephoto)

Tara's dress: Spell Designs // Hat: Conner Hats


Behind the scenes! Getting ready at The Rosy Cheek

Behind the scenes! Dress: Spell Designs // Choker: Sailors Omen // Hat: Conner Hats



Turban-a-Licious Tutorial

Turbans have been slaying in street style for a minute, but seem to have finally settled in as a wearable alternative to a hat.  Bad hair day?  The torturous week before your hair color appointment?  Throw on a turban...

And what better way to experiment than using a scarf you already have on hand?  T and I decided to throw on scarves wrapped in a couple different ways for inspo, and we even made an easy little tutorial video for you Magnolia Babes to try out your own turbs. Tara's is the Amuse Society Casanova scarf and it's for sale here!




NYC 16

Well we made it out of New York City alive, folks.  While we were there shopping for spring 2017, a bomber decided he wanted to be super uncool and place an explosive three blocks away from our hotel in Chelsea.  I will say that even though there were 1000 extra police officers on duty, New Yorkers were mostly not phased by this attack.  There was no fear but only kindness as they delivered coffee and kind words to officers working overtime.  We managed to stay on task despite all the taxi adventures, dumplings, and late nights.

 Bri decided to wear her "Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll" Bandit tee, which may not have been the best choice going through security.

I had never eaten Chinese dim sum, which is one of Bri's favorite foods, so she picked a LEGIT restaurant in Chinatown for us to eat for dinner. Nom Wah Tea Parlor has been open since the 1920s and serves any kind of dumpling you can imagine for $4 a plate.  Yassss!

 We did some boutique scouting and found this adorable jewelry store, Erica Weiner, located in Soho.  Look at those amazing pocket knives and that zebra wallpaper! Drool...

 Day 2 of the market meant spring shoe shopping with Free People.  Bri fell in love with these python booties. Stay tuned for new clogs coming this way!

 After work, we hit up one of NYC's oldest dive bars, The Holiday Cocktail Lounge.  It started in the 1920s as a beauty parlor, turned into a burlesque bar in the 30's and in the 1950s became the Holiday.  This burlesque mural from the origin of the establishment was uncovered during renovations under the wood paneling.  No shortage of character and retro flare here!

 Lots of cute street cafes in SoHo meant lots of people watching and champage drinkin'. Oh NYC how I love you so!

Here's a video of our shenanigans in NYC... 

xoxo Tara


Bardot Beauty Bus!

When our friend Britnye, mastermind behind the Bardot Beauty Bar, announced that she was renovating a vintage camper to be a mobile salon, we about lost our damn minds.  Not only do we love vintage, and beauty, and Britnye, but she threw a party, which we love the most...

Look at all the lovely ladies rocking Magnolia Supply!  Shop Bri's strapless ruffle dress here and Tara's 90s slip dress here.

Behold the bus!  Believe it or not this sparkling confection was junked out and filled with squirrels just a few short months ago.  Dang Britnye, you got skills!  And just look at the interior...

That neon sign though...we can't even.  

The soiree was held on the lovely grounds at the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, with live oaks dripping in Spanish moss strung with chandeliers.  Nosh was provided by Preserved, St. Aug's newest 'it' restaurant, specializing in inventive and locally-sourced fancy Southern fare.  Naturally we had seconds.  And maybe thirds...

And check out this adorbs coffee cart from Old City Brew!

We had a fantastic time supporting our homie and her amazing #GIRLBOSS achievements.  Well done Britnye!






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